Eid is finally here and it is time to celebrate...

Eid is the time where families and friends come together, to celebrate. As soon as the Eid comes, we make sure to send our best and warmest wishes to all the people we love. We always ask ourselves what is the best gift to give or even share with our own family. We all want to find the best gift, one that reflects our generosity, and one that can make our loved ones feel appreciated.

The best gifts are those that are unique, valuable and most important...  convenient!

So, what is a better gift other than one of Wayed Comfy’s special bean bags to show your love?  Wayed Comfy’s special bean bags are unique, and stylish. A gift like this is guaranteed to make our loved ones feel special. This is one niche idea! And not only the special bean bags; any product form Wayed Comfy’s furniture collection is indeed a brilliant, gift idea to express your love and care towards others; in a modern and classy way.

Thinking of a gift for a special friend or family member?

A simple, convenient gift would definitely be one of our two Sacs designs from the Wayed Comfy Furniture collection:

Our Sacs are the best gift. They are the perfect addition to a small apartment and also for large houses and spacious flats. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor setting. We love our Sacs because they are easy to move around the house and also the garden. Our sacs are available in two designs; the Foamy Wayed Comfy Sacs and the Feather Wayed Comfy Sacs. Our Feather Wayed Comfy Sacs, are made out Linen and filled with feather for a smooth and comfortable sensation. They are available in 2 colours; Brown and Beige for a classy, modern look.

However, if you are thinking of something more unique, but still comfortable then you have to go for one of our Foamy Sacs. Our Foamy Sacs may be customised to suit anyone’s taste. How to customise it ??? well you can mix and match between 14 contrasting colours, 3 different sizes (4, 6 or 8 feet) and various textures; such as suede, fur, and velvet. Your customised Foamy Sac is suitable for all ages and will definitely be an amazing gift.

 You did not choose a suitable colour? Well- that is no problem!  They can always check our Comfy Sac Covers and choose from the available colours that suit their style best.  

What about an Eid gift for you and your family?

Who said that gifts are just for others? you can also pamper yourself with one of Wayed Comfy collection. What about Wayed Comfy’s relaxing sofas.. You can go for our White Fur Sofa, or maybe our Comfy, light and portable zipper sofas, which is available in two colours to match your style. Or what about our comfortable and practical sofa bed ?! Remember that our Sofa beds are available in 4 different colors (Blue, Green, Pink and Purple) to suit your unique home setting.

Enjoy the Eid..

Best wishes from the Wayed Comfy Team to you and all your loved ones...