How to Maintain the Form and Fluffiness of Your New Wayed Comfy Sac

Congratulations! You now have your very own Wayed Comfy Sac. A sac so comfortable, so cuddly, it just molds perfectly to the contours of your body.
Let’s unzip that duffle bag, and get our snuggly Wayed Comfy sac all set and in place. Perfect! We just found the ideal spot which fits our Turquoise Suede Iceberg Wayed Comfy sac just right! We absolutely cannot wait to wake up and sip our morning coffee on the most comfortable sac there is.
Your Wayed Comfy sac surely is your ultimate source of relaxation and stress relief – the best way to kickstart a day, or release the tension of a long and tiring day at work.
Many people face the dilemma of having their new sacs going flat with time and regular use. However, with your latest Wayed Comfy purchase, you almost never have to worry about this possibility! What was once fluffy, plump, and extra-comfy, will never become flat and depressed. Unlike the traditionally used beads found in regular bean bags, our Wayed Comfy sacs are filled with a mixture of premium shredded mattress foams designed to give you an extra-comfy, and ultra-cozy, feel.
Fortunately, you can take several safety measures to prolong the durability, and flexibility, of your Wayed Comfy sac. Upon installing your latest sac, ask a friend, or a family member, to help you flip it around a couple of times until the shredded foams decompress and the inner sac starts to fluff up. Keep flipping it every day for about a week. This, in return, helps your Wayed Comfy sac fluff up and form itself into a plump rounded shape. It is recommended to flip the sac from time to time to maintain a maximum feeling of fluffiness. 
Do not worry if your Wayed Comfy sac seems a bit compressed at first – it’s only a matter of few days before your sac gets all fluffed up and ready for the fun, and cuddly, times!
Embrace yourself for warm, cushy, cozy, and wonderful times with your latest Wayed Comfy addition!