Interior Styling Tips for Your Wayed Comfy Sofa & Sofa Beds!

Sofa beds are an ultra-comfy, handy and trendy fashionable accessories designed for the modern and contemporary living experience. With Wayed Comfy, your soft and cozy sofa beds will effortlessly recline to your favourite sitting positions to accommodate your needs. Below are some tips on how you can style your sofa beds at home: 

  • Commence with a floor plan

Floor plans are useful to help you design and decide on the furniture layout that you wish to have. It will enable you to envision the measurements, fittings, and furnishings (e.g.: where you wish to place your sofa bed). It will also help you visualize a bigger picture of your designated living space. Once you have developed your floor plan, you can proceed with adding the finishing touches to your interior.

  • Find out which shape will best suit your room

Now that your floor plan is ready, you can begin with deciding on how to place your sofa beds, couches, chairs etc. Given that sofas are one of the major pieces of furniture in a living room, it is key to identify which sofa best suits your living space. Scrutinize your room’s layout, style, and décor to be able to accurately decide on the shape and size of the sofa you wish to have.

  • Decide on the colour scheme

Whether it is the colour of your sofa, sofa bed, cushions, or home accents, it will surely play a significant role in the mood, ambiance, and style you are trying to achieve. You need to always ensure that you are creating harmony in the colour scheme you wish to choose. At Wayed Comfy, we cater for all the fabrics and colours you wish to have. Our sofa beds are enriched with smooth and high-quality fabrics, and are available in 4 different colours (Blue, Pink, Green, and Purple) to complement your exclusive home setting.

  • Mix and match

At Wayed Comfy, we help you fuse and combine various colours to achieve your desired style. From bold and vibrant colours to calm and soothing colour palettes, we provide you with the perfect accessory to complement your taste and hues.

  • Plug in your special touch

Once you’ve settled on the colour schemes and fabrics, uplift your living space with our customized Wayed Comfy sofas and sofa beds. At Wayed Comfy, we provide you with the ultimate home accessory that will match your interior, provide you with comfort, and constantly catch your eye.

  • Guide to different positions of Sofa Beds

Our Wayed Comfy sofa beds can easily recline to your favourite sitting position, which makes them the ultimate and comfortable choice for your afternoon naps, cozy nights in, and intimate gatherings. Whether you decide to place it in the living room, guests’ room, bedroom, or recreation room, your Wayed Comfy accessory will surely blend in and enhance the overall setting of the room.