Live Comfy, live WayedComfy

7 O’clock! End of day! That traffic jam was a killer! You happily step out of your car, open your door and Boom! Straight into that cuddly sac, that is right there waiting for you!
This WayedComfy sac has become your most faithful and friendly companion. It waits for you, ready to cuddle you and pamper you every time you get back tired or stressed.
WayedComfy’s furniture encourages you to jump, to cheer up and to cocoon your body into its fantastic soft, mild sac with the colors of your mood… You can even sleep on it!

Here comes the weekend, and you are throwing your birthday party, and your preferred color is blue. Not a problem! Let’s strip these adorable sacs from their grey weekday’s washable covers, and dress them in blue! … Done! Magic! Happiness and smiles are ready for the party. The grey covers happily go to the washing machine and get ready for the Monday looks!

Barbeque is on the program on that fantastic extra day off! Let’s go for it… Let’s dress the sacs in a super vivacious red. The sacs are happy, and want to be set in the garden. Let’s go for it and set them out there… Comfy is the rule… The whole family members are laying down there on the WayedComfy sacs lazy and happy.

Evening mood is to a total relax. OK good! Your sac or flexible sofa bed opens its generous flaps and welcome you when watching the latest film or playing the most exciting new video game. You don’t want to be bothered by an uncomfortable couch… You can even spend the rest of the night there if you just drop asleep.

Sacs come in 3 different sizes to accommodate any available space in your home. You can select sacs or zipper sofas or sofa and sofa beds out of a range of (…) products.

The zipper sofa is a new concept of furniture adapting at many different situations. If the 2 or 3 parts are separated, you get individual units for individual seating. When zipped together, they transform into a practical wide sofa or bed. The zipper sofa is also extremely practical for outdoor seating since you can customize the layout of your seating area.

At a glance, your WayedComfy furniture come in a range of different colors and fabrics, including fur, velvet, suede and outdoor fabrics. No matter how dirty, dusty or stained they get, they are always super-easy to clean. WayedComfy is the brand for you – they’re fun, they’re funky, they’re fantastic. With WayedComfy, there’s no need to be uncomfortable, so why not be comfy instead? With our astonishing range, we guarantee you won’t regret getting yourself a WayedComfy sac, sofa or bed, and we are certain that you’ll find the perfect one for you!