Purchase your latest Wayed Comfy accessory at ease!

Wayed Comfy’s sofas, sofa beds, and sacs are designed to serve as the region’s ultimate choice for relaxation and comfort. They tend to provide you with an innovative and new concept of furniture that perfectly suits your needs and accommodates your living space. Best part is that you can have your customized shipment delivered to you right away!

Wayed Comfy is originally based in the city of life and rich culture: Dubai, and has distribution operations all around the UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar, along with the delivery options within the GCC.

If you reside in Bahrain, pay Moods Furniture Store a visit and explore the various shapes, sizes, fabrics, and colors available. If you reside in Qatar, pop into Diverse Projects to experience the Wayed Comfy sensation yourself. If you reside in the UAE, check out The Fashion Vault to revel in the comfort of our products. In case you are more accustomed to online shopping, then selecting your next Wayed Comfy furniture has never been simpler! Just continue browsing our website and exploring our options to decide on your next best option!

Whether you decide to purchase your Wayed Comfy accessory online, or via one of the listed retail stores, we will ensure the smoothness of your purchase journey.

Purchase your very own piece to enhance the ambiance of your room and its setting. After a couple of days, you will come to realize that these sacs offer solace and relaxation more than any other piece of furniture that you own. That is because, the insides of the sacs are stuffed with a mixture of the finest shredded foams, instead of the traditionally used beads found in standard bean bags.

We will provide you with the perfect means and methods to ensure the durability of the products. For example, you can select one of our many fabrics covers, such as suede, velvet, fur, as well as outdoor fabrics, which are also machine-washable. This means that even if they get stained, marks or spots, you can simply wash the covers to restore the brand-new look of your sac.

At the time of delivery, you will notice that our Wayed Comfy products are compressed into duffle bags. That is because, it makes the shipping, handling, and mobility of the products easier.

If you reside in an area where we do not extend our delivery to just yet, do not hesitate to contact us via our Chat Forum, which is available on the website, so that we can arrange for an exclusive shipment, made just for you!