The Difference Between WayedComfy Products and Traditional Bean Bags

Whether you just got the latest video game or watching your favorite movie for the third time this week, the perfect lounge furniture is an absolute must! While couches, sofas, and large lounging chairs are most common, there is something special, and absolutely fun, about relaxing on a bean bag chair! Maybe it’s a reminder of your childhood or it’s a unique way to sit around your house, bean bag chairs are known for their joy. However, not all bean bag chairs are created equal.

Unlike traditional bean bags, Wayed Comfy sacs are filled with a mixture of premium shredded mattress foams for an extra-comfy feel, not beads that will spill out of the bag if torn or opened. Where typical bead-filled bean bags can be firm and very uncomfortable, WayedComfy beans bags offer you the most comfort and support available on the market! Molding to your body, WayedComfy products allow you to lounge in any position you want while also providing you with all the comfort you want. Every time you sit down on a WayedComfy sacs, it will be just as soft and comfy as the first day you brought it home.

To help you further in getting or shipping your new Wayed Comfy sacs to your home, each of our products comes compressed. You may want to fluff the sacs occasionally in order to take its round shape.

The best part about Wayed Comfy sacs is that every single cover is machine washable, so no matter how dirty, dusty or stained they may get, they are easy to clean. Typical bean bags cannot be washed and have a plastic outer shell, However, WayedComfy offers a variety of fabric covers such as fur, velvet, suede and outdoor fabrics that are machine washable.

One of the most annoying parts of traditional bean bags is their boring shape. Wayed Comfy redefines this stereotype by offering you a variety of products such as sofas and sacs, your options are endless!

The next time you’re shopping or browsing the web for new lounge furniture, look to WayedComfy for a large selection of the best products. You are sure to find the perfect one for you!