White Fur Sofa

We are introducing our new, modern, ultra comfy sofa. This one-seat White Fur Sofa is designed to fit any family room in any modern household. Unlike traditional sofas, our White Fur Sofa is designed for every family member, regardless of their age or size!


This White Fur Sofa is made for everyone who loves to curl up, while watching tv, reading a book or a magazine, browsing the internet, playing video games, or just resting after a long day of work.  Plus, their squared off arms act as the sofas own side table, where you can keep your phone while resting.

This White Fur Sofa add a lot of softness, looseness and texture to any family TV room, or even bedroom. It is not only super comfy but also luxurious. With few styling touches you can transfer it from a family-room sofa to a classy one-seater for your guests to enjoy. 

Styling Tips:

You can style it up to fit your preferences. For a fresh-vibrant look, all you need is a sky-blue or a bright-green cushion. It is guaranteed to brighten up your room with a summery twist. 

However, if you are more into autumn and its warm colours, you can still work it out with a brick-red throw or a deep-orange cushion for a cozy feeling. 

You may also leave it as it is, if your room already has its own design theme. 

Cleanliness tips:

Yes, it is white, and you may be concerned. But as any piece of furniture, if you maintain a constant, cleaning routine then there is no need to worry! Regular vacuuming is guaranteed to remove all dust particles, pets fur and even dirt residues before they settle down. Vacuuming can also help fade any stains, marks or simple spots whether they are old or new. Therefore, all you need is to get familiar with your furniture and its cleaning procedures. This will prepare you to handle any spillage accident, and allow you to eliminate any stain. 

This White Fur Sofa comes in a friendly-size; It can easily fit in your bedroom corner near your coffee table or in your TV-room alongside other furniture. It is also suits small-sized one-bedroom flats and studio apartments. 

We can assure you that this White Fur Sofa will provide you with a fluffy sensation while seated due to the resilient foam and padding, and a very classy look to your room!


This is one of Wayed Comfy must-have essentials!!