WayedComfy is a Dubai-based brand that has been established in 2012 as a furniture fabricator, with a modern concept for your casual and contemporary lifestyle needs.

At WayedComfy, we redefine the meaning of chilling. With our comforting and relaxing sacs, rich fabric and high-quality fittings, we aim to provide you with a WayedComfy sensation, and a living experience that is like no other!

WayedComfy is said to be a pioneer in its industry with its modernized concept, contemporary designs and durable products. We are constantly looking to provide our GCC citizens with leading-edge options that cater for their needs, desires, and well-being. Our high-quality sacs, sofa beds and sofas come in different sizes, various textures, numerous colors, and washable/interchangeable covers.

We are always happy to provide you with elegantly designed products that allow you to step into your comfort zone, and enjoy the coziness that our products offer as they mold to the form of your body.

Our luxurious, comfortable, and portable sacs are designed in a way which makes it easy, useful, and practical to place in both indoor and outdoor settings.

We provide our valuable customers with an accessible online store and an easy means of delivery to facilitate the comfortable experience designed by WayedComfy.

Sit back, and revel in the comfort of our products!


WayedComfy Distributors are currently available in:

UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.

Mail you queries to: