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USD 506

Meet Your "Wayed Comfy Sac" 

Our round sacs come in different sizes, colors and textures, and are suitable for all ages. Even the little ones take joy in the comfort of our products!

Customize your foamy sacs as you like and choose between 14 contrasting colors, 3 different sizes: 4, 6 or 8 feet and various textures, such as suede, fur, and velvet.

"Wayed Comfy" sacs are compressed in a duffel bag and come with machine washable covers and a matching pillow to complementOur rich fabric and high quality fittings ensure the warmth and durability of our products.

WayedComfy sacs are not your traditional bean bags. They are oversized sacs that are filled with a mixture shredded premium foams instead of beads. The result is one of the most comfortable sitting experiences. They are all considerably big in size and require space


4 Foot: AED 1,850

6 Foot: AED 2,250

8 Foot: AED 2,950

Shipping Dimensions:

4 Foot: 67x47x47 cm

6 Foot: 85x53x53 cm

8 Foot: 85x65x65 cm